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Farm Gate Sales each Friday 9am until 5pm

Browse through an enormous diversity of species and pot sizes in our sale paddock. Or chose from our display bench.

Select from specimen quality or bush regeneration quality plants, depending upon your needs.

Ask for assistance to match species to your site and requirements.

A garden consultation service is available for farm-gate clients who want some on-site direction but do not require formal written reports.

By using native plants one can create a diverse, low-maintenance garden in even the smallest space. There is a huge variety of local native plants from the rainforests and riparian corridors of the Sydney region which are available for all aspects of gardening: food and habitat for native fauna; aesthetic pleasure; the rich tapestry of colours, forms and textures; flowers and fragrance; pollution reduction; visual screening; architectural emphasis; climate control, bushfire ember screening, indoor plants. At any one time, we have over 200 different species in stock.

Click on the top picture on the right for a species list. Some landscaping species are from further north, selected because they grow well locally. The riparian provenance species list is from Ourimbah Creek and Wyong River catchments.