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Our nursery is unusual in that we focus on local diversity, many of our species are generally unavailable commercially. We propagate from (mostly) local sources to provide plants for revegetation and other environmental repair projects. We have developed propagation techniques for the local rare and threatened Prostanthera askania, and we are currently working to propagate the recently discovered Eucryphia jinksii.

Selected stock is grown on (up to 200L) for the landscape market. Our clients include the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra; The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney; Sydney International Airport – Arrivals lounge; Taronga Park Zoo; Australian Wildlife Park at Australia's Wonderland; the CSIRO ‘Discovery Project’ Atrium; Wyong Shire Council; and a number of landcare or rivercare projects and private clients.

The objective of the nursery is to support our consulting and project services, so our seed collecting activities often focus on the needs of particular clients or projects. However, we do collect some local seed for general regional use, as the planning cycle for many projects is often too short to allow a specific collection.

List of rare and threatened species: Prostanthera askania, Syzygium paniculatum, Syzygium moorei, Brachychiton ormond, Eucryphia jinksii, Diploglottis campbellii, Helmholtzia sp, Helmholtzia glaberrima.

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